Specialized in  Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pelvic floor therapy, primarily using JFB MFR

Therapy in the Forest, LLC

 Practicing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) in Portland, Oregon


​​​Please visit www.myofascialrelease.com for information about John F. Barnes' Approach to myofascial release.


  • John F. Barnes - "Healing Ancient Wounds"
  • Joyce Patterson - "Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment"
  • Phil Tavolacci - "What's in Your Web?"
  • Don Miguel Ruiz - "The Four Agreements"
  • Cathy Covell - Patient's Guide to JFB MFR", "Feeling Your Way Through"
  • Eckhart Tolle - "The Power of Now"
  • Peter Levine - "Waking the Tiger"
  • Lynne McTaggart - "The Field"
  • Jean P. Barral  - "Understanding the Messages of your body".
  • Lee Coit - "Listening"


Brad Yates Tapping    1.  Fear and Anxiety    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-yates/letting-go-of-fear_b_1644219.html

        2. Moving Forward:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Brad+Yates+Letting+Go&&view=detail&mid=846069D7C718B6A7206E846069D7C718B6A7206E&FORM=VRDGAR

There are many other subjects for healing through tapping and thoughts by Brad Yates. These can be helpful in conjunction with MFR! Especially the one about Moving Forward which is less than 4 minutes.

This is a link to an article about IC (interstitial cystitis) and pelvic physical therapy from Elle magazine

Beautiful Cranium anatomy

This is an ineresting story about he link between the brain and bacteria in the gut.

This article discusses fascia

These articles are about how people are making science questionable, this is important because health decisions are often made based on science.
and this about poor scientific articles in supposed to be peer-reviewed online journals:

This article discusses medical errors and how care givers do not report each other's errors.  These statistics of medical errors are frightening, but that does not even take into account all the ways medical care is done in excess because of non-injurous treatment (myofascial release, most mainstream PT, OT, accupuncture, Reiki, visceral manipulation, counseling, ETC) not being referred to. Many medications and surgeries are not needed when people have access to and are informed about the truly conservative treatments (medication is not conservative treatment! Side effects are injurous). http://www.nbcnews.com/health/when-docs-make-mistakes-should-colleagues-tell-yes-new-paper-8C11498661

This video was originally produced in the mid 1980's. Andrew Weil MD introduces Robert Fulford DO FCA. 
He mentions arthritis with aging as the result of "failure of the normal motion of the fascia of the entire body to keep the fluids in motion".  The introduction by Dr. Weil is a good description of how allopathic medicine (modern scientific medicine) works well and for what conditions it does not. 

Excellent structural analysis of the extracellular matrix incorporating latest science, from Tom Myers, but devoid of the transmitter of vibration function. This article greatly expands the definition of fascia beyond collagen, elastin, water and gel ground substance.