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Self Treatment is an essential part of your MFR healing journey.
John Barnes recommends daily shorter sessions (no less than 5 minutes) and longer week-end sessions (at least half an hour).  Self treatment is how you reinforce in your structure that, yes, I really want these changes in my body.  I often say "Your body is always the result of what you have done with it so far".  The body of a marathon runner is very different than that of a coach potatoe or a wrestler.  Everyone understands that.  The same is true for going through treatment and getting rid of restrictions.  
Self treatment can be as simple as placing a small ball under your buttocks and "melt" over it for 5 minutes or as complex as a full self unwinding with all kinds of movement and expression.  You can use your hands, positioning, a foam roll, different sizes balls, a sacro-wedgy, etc.
Your therapist will teach you self treatment as you go through treatment sessions.  As with everything else: the more you do it, the better you get at it.  

There are books to guide you too:
Joyce Patterson, PT - "Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment". 

See under merchandise and then books.
"Myofascial Stretching" at

This video is by Aaron LeBauer, a physical therapist in NC showing how to work with a ball:
and with a Theracane:

And here is Scott van Niekerk with the foam roll:

Self Treatment​

Specialized in  Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pelvic floor therapy, primarily using JFB MFR