Specialized in  Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pelvic floor therapy, primarily using JFB MFR

Therapy in the Forest, LLC

 Practicing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) in Portland, Oregon

Marquam Nature Park  Seven minute walk from Therapy in the Forest

Services provided:

  • MFR at Therapy in the Forest located in SW Portland between OHSU and Marquam Nature Park
  • Mainstream physical therapy components such as therapeutic exercise and therapeutic activities 
  • ​"Intensives" at a day or a week at a time, doing 3 sessions/day for as long as the schedule allows.  

Treatment includes manual treatment, education, self-treatment and exercise instruction.

Self- treatment instruction includes using your hands, positions and "tools" such as balls of different sizes or a foam roller for myofascial release.