Denise B.: ​I started Myofascial Release Therapy a few months after I had surgery ( gallbladder removal, umbilical hernia repair, and appendix). My whole abdominal cavity was stiff as a rock from the scar tissue,  and I had terrible digestion issues. I was a very active person before surgery ( running, horse back riding, and cycling) and I could no longer do these activities . Little by little Jeanette started working  with me and the scar tissue became more loose and everything started improving.
My body began releasing and letting go of past trauma ( which is what led me to have to have surgery) which kept me physically and emotionally  stuck in the past.
Jeanette was always patient with my body and supported me in this incredible journey.  She is so talented at what she does because she truly lets the client's

body guide her and she listens without

rushing . I am a different person today.

I am back to running, cycling, and

horseback riding. I feel more free

emotionally and enjoy my life to the

fullest. People notice a change in me

and compliment me often, especially the

ones I don’t see often. I highly recommend Jeanette and Myofacial Release . 

Bonnie V.: 

I’ve had a wonderful experience with my Myofascial Release therapy from Jeannette Zyderveld, PT

Jeannette was an experienced physical therapist for 25 years when she learned about the John Barnes P.T. method of Myofascial Release Therapy. She began using his methods to treat her clients, and I’m so grateful that she did! 

Jamieson wrote:  
 "Thanks to you...I was not just able to row...but I finally
won in my single and posted the fastest time in the 50-60 age 
category and received the honor of my name on a trophy 
that is displayed at US rowing HQ! Thanks for helping me!"

Testimonials from clients

Luanne, LPGA Class A Teaching Professional:

John Barnes MFR work is profound and healing.  When you're in the exceptional heart and hands of Jeanette it’s a game changer.    I have the highest regard for her skills and mastery of the healing arts.  One of the finest experiences of personal transformation and a way to a better life I’ve ever had.   Infinite love and gratitudes for changing my life. 

Janet: I was referred to Jeanette and myofascial release for extreme pain in my knees and frequent falls. After only one treatment session, I felt very little knee pain and my knee’s range of motion was greater. This first session was only the beginning of my myofascial release journey. I did not realize how much myofascial release would enhance my overall life. I slowly realized as a
result of living almost 60 years holding myself stiff and in constant flight or fight mode to survive life events, my body’s connective tissue had multiple restrictions and had impacted on the overall functioning of my joints and organs. Jeanette provided a positive, trusting, therapeutic environment where she encouraged me to allow myself to release and let go of many restrictions and emotions. For the very first time in my adult life, I could feel my body. We worked together to approach each area in a sensitive, positive manner. Through gentle therapeutic myofascial release, I could feel parts of my body connect to each other. With Jeanette’s gentle touch on my ankle, I could feel a release from my ankle and at the same time a pain in my pelvis and a sensation in my neck. There was a part of the therapeutic sessions where I began to feel severe pain in my pelvic region and trusted enough to be forthcoming of my pelvic pain and frequent urination/incontinence. I was able to trust the process enough that treatment in my pelvic region became a source of great healing. In addition, she gave me a book of exercises and movements to augment the work we completed in her sessions. I was able to gain strength and mobility in my limbs, and functioning in my organs. I was able to be curious and trusting of my body coming back into myself. I am eternally grateful for Jeanette, her skills and her kind, positive spirit in bringing the myofascial release process into my life in a trusting manner to enhance my every day experiences.

Hello, my name is Shiney, I had surgery for brain tumor about 20yrs ago. I started having tingling & numbness on my right side of face from scar. I always had shooting pain in my head. My sister is a PT, she has taken classes for MFR, and she asked me to do therapy. So I went to Jeannette for 4 months. My pain & tingling were relieved it's been year now.  My daughter has been Dx with ADD, I started her on medication for last 4yrs.  She also did MFR therapy recommend by my sister, I noticed changes in her after couple of months later. This yr I didn't give her medication & she is getting good grades now. She did receive therapy for 4 months once a week with Jeannette. I recommend MFR before any medications. I hope insurances cover this so I could attend more  sessions. Jeannette is very nice & knowledgeable with her job. Thank you.​

I found traditional therapy to be too aggressive and painful for me, and I sought other options for my therapy after many visits to several therapy offices, post-surgery. I heard about the great results that friends of mine were getting from Myofascial Release therapy and was referred to Jeanette. After just one appointment, I realized that this was the only therapy I would ever need!

I feel that I’ve actually gotten better faster, and with less pain than I did with my doctor’s prescribed therapy plan. When I told my surgeon that I was trying Myofascial Release therapy he was very skeptical, and made me promise that, if I wasn’t getting to certain levels of progress when I had my follow-up appointments with him, that I would go back to his therapy regimen. He couldn’t have been more surprised or happy with my progress and I never returned to a traditional therapy plan again.

I’ve experienced a full recovery after two very serious shoulder surgeries and, because I keep going to Jeannette for follow-up treatments on my own, I’m certain I will never have a frozen shoulder. Her treatment is like a massage and therapy in one, and you will leave feeling energized and limber and amazed that it was all completed in a very gentle and loving way. I promise that you will want to go back for more!  

Therapy in the Forest, LLC

 Practicing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) in Portland, Oregon

Ninette about MFR during pregnancy:
I started seeing Jeannette for unexplained breast pain. I had a mammogram, a breast MRI, ultrasound and all the tests showed “nothing was wrong” but I was in extreme pain all day, every day. Jeannette was my saving grace! She was able to break through all the tightened fascia and bring me relief at last. It takes time for long term relief but after every session I felt so much better. I don't people understand how much the health of your fascia can affect your well being in every way. She is an amazing MFR specialist, the best in my humble opinion. When you have unexplained/undiagnosable pain it can be very frustrating and limiting, thank goodness for people like Jeannette who have the skills/experience to bring healing to all who need it.

Specialized in  Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pelvic floor therapy, primarily using JFB MFR