Specialized in  Pelvic Physical Therapy/Pelvic floor therapy, primarily using JFB MFR

Therapy in the Forest, LLC

 Practicing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (JFB MFR) in Portland, Oregon

There are many ways releasing occurs. Very common is heat coming out of a part of the body. My hands will heat up from this and often a patient/client will say that my hands have become so hot!  It can simply feel like a softening or melting. Then there is anything from trembling to major shaking. This has to do with the change out of flight/flight/freeze response.  This is a resetting of the nervous system to calmer and quieter. Then there is sound (grunting, screaming, a pleasant "Ahhh"), laughing, crying, etc.  Cursing has happened... It can immediately feel like relief or it can take you into things you have not felt for years or decades and really throw you off into things you don't know or understand. This is the most important aspect: you do not need to be able to express verbally in language what it is. You do not need to explain anything. Once a person has learned to trust the process, they can allow the body to move into positions that the wisdom of the body knows to go into in order to fully release a past event. We call this unwinding. The body will stop at a "still point" where there is something to be processed.  A therapist trained by John Barnes is fully prepared for all of this. I cannot begin to describe all the interesting (we avoid the word weird) things that have happened in my treatment room and in the seminars I have attended. 

I am so grateful for our amazing teacher, John Barnes.  My life changed for the (much) better the first day of the first seminar.  Energetically, John is like a rock and at the same time he is super soft and full of love.  When your body/being experiences this, it knows it can let go. The trust is instant. And then amazing healing experiences happen.